Liquid coating equipment

I.P.F.E. GROUP OÜ offers industrial liquid coating systems and respective pre-surface treatment equipment.

Pre-surface treatment

Shot blasting chambers for mechanical surface treatment:

  • Manual;
  • Automatic.

Chemical surface treatment solutions offered by I.P.F.E. GROUP OÜ are as follows:

  • Pickling baths;
  • Jet washers.

Besides I.P.F.E. GROUP OÜ supplies pre-surface treatment machinery of various types and models.

Paint coat application

Depending on the paint application method preferred – spraying or dipping – the following solutions are available to opt:

  • Pneumatic equipment,
  • HVLP sprayers,
  • Electrostatic equipment,
  • Airless systems or
  • Equipment for pain coating over special primers.

Please don’t hesitate in contacting our sales team in case of any questions about the sourcing manufacturers or technical details.
We also offer the paint booths as listed below:

  • Water-wall paint booths,
  • Manual dry filter paint booths ,
  • Automatic dry filter paint booths,
  • Painting and drying booths for large parts.

Dryers are divided into two types:

  • Continuous dryers,
  • Box type dryers

Conveyor solutions

I.P.F.E. GROUP OÜ offers two types of conveyor systems:

  • Automated power & free conveyors and
  • Motor-driven monorail conveyors.

Electrophoretic coatings

I.P.F.E. GROUP OÜ is a supplier of Europe’s leading brands of high quality electrophoretic coating equipment and ancillaries like:

  • Water treatment systems,
  • Baths,
  • Washing and rinsing systems,
  • Dialysis systems,
  • Filtering systems.

These solutions ensure high endurance coatings resistant to temperature and humidity change, which meets the automobile industry standards.