Powder coating equipment

I.P.F.E. GROUP OÜ offers high quality industrial powder coating equipment.

Pre-surface treatment

This cluster of equipment is merely the same as that used for the liquid coating technology:

  • Manual and automatic shot blasting chambers for mechanical surface treatment;
  • Jet washer and baths for chemical surface treatment;
  • Surface treatment systems (custom designed as per certain surface material requirements).

Paint application

For powder paint application I.P.F.E. GROUP OÜ offers:

  • Automatic coating booths (fit for medium-scale and large-scale manufactures),
  • Automated coating systems (used for high precision control for the painting parameters),
  • Manual coating booths (used at small-scale manufactures and for manual painting of disassembled parts),
  • Manual coating systems (used for high quality coating; praised for high usability and easy operation).

Besides this, for recoating of polymer powder coated parts you would indispensably need special powder paint polymerization ovens.

Plastic automatic painting booths allowing quick dye color change can also be supplied by I.P.F.E. GROUP OÜ.

Three types of power supplies – gas, electricity and liquid fuel – are available for I.P.F.E. GROUP OÜ booths made by Europe’s leading producers.

Conveyor solutions

Powder coating conveyors are a transportation solution for various volume manufactures.

I.P.F.E. GROUP OÜ supplies:

  • Automated power & free conveyors (advantages: portability and flexibility suiting the requirements of small-scale or large-scale manufactures),
  • Motor-driven monorail conveyors.
  • Continuous motion conveyors (an optimum solution for high volume production),
  • Manual conveyors (operator-handled suspended monorail).

 I.P.F.E. GROUP OÜ offers a vast range of high quality equipment. You are welcome to check the availability of products in our inventory with our sales team or online. Please fill out the form therefore.