Our goals

The variety of services provided by I.P.F.E. GROUP OÜ includes delivering of equipment, components and dyes, installation, maintenance and staff training.

Equipment and standard components

I.P.F.E. GROUP OÜ supplies and provides maintenance services for:

  • electroplating coating making for (including automated lines, power-driven lines, equipment for surface pretreatment and waste-water treatment);
  • liquid application (including spraying systems);
  • For powder application (automated lines, powder-driven lines, spraying systems).

We provide supplying of:

  • coloring drums;
  • filtering units;
  • demineralizers;
  • other standard components of famous world manufacturers and wide range of control gauges.

Our company offers wide range of masking products to protect parts of items or access holes from unnecessary powder and to protect surfaces during electroplating.

We can offer you:

  • eat-proof masking tapes;
  • heat-proof plugs;
  • heat-proof caps;
  • heat-proof discs;
  • heat-proof cords.

Should you have any questions in regards to full-list of our products and services, please fill out application form on our website. We are happy to offer you any help!