Galvanic coating equipment

Thank to the competitive pricing strategy, most developing industries prefer I.P.F.E. GROUP OÜ’s high quality European original galvanic equipment.

We co-operate with world’s top producers of galvanic line components – filtering units, demineralizer plants, rectifiers, pipelines and etc.:

  • Kraft,
  • Beifield,
  • Electrotech,
  • Serfilco,
  • Eurowater,
  • OMRON,
  • Moeller,
  • FIP.

I.P.F.E. GROUP OÜ technicians perform assembly and adjustment under the supervision of the European companies’ experts.

Moreover, we offer:

  • Rectifiers,
  • Oil separators,
  • Galvanizing baths,
  • Nickel plating baths,
  • Demineralizer plants and
  • Manipulators,

and as extras:

  • Lab lines,
  • Small-scale production lines,
  • Full-cycle processing automated lines.

The galvanic baths are produced by reputed manufacturers on German made machinery where only high quality materials are used:

  • PVDF,
  • Polypropylene and
  • Stainless steel

Warranty period – 3 years and longer!

I.P.F.E. GROUP OÜ expert engineering support

I.P.F.E. GROUP OÜ will implement turnkey process solutions and prepare custom design projects for your manufacture.

You can readily outsource to us:

  • Workflow revamp budget planning;
  • Your manufacture revamping including:
  1. Renewal of baths (and mounting of additional baths),
  2. Electrics replacement,
  3. Transportation system upgrade or replacement,
  4. Partial line automation,
  5. Complete line automation.
  • Design and implementation of complicated workflow projects including integrated design and revamp of plating shops.

I.P.F.E. GROUP OÜ’s commitment has always been an individualized approach to customer and solutions tailored to handle your production tasks.

All projects involve only high quality equipment and materials thus meeting Russia’s industrial and environmental standards.